The Lighthouse (sept06-apr07) This film was produced in my final year at Sheridan College, as my thesis film. It turns out that making a film by yourself is a bit more difficult than having a bunch of friends around to help out, which is probably why I feel like I have more invested in this film than any other project I've worked on. If you look close you'll see some blood and sweat on a few frames. A year of drawing robots was pretty fun though, in retrospect. So much thanks to everyone who put up with me "having fun drawing robots".


While We Were Hunting Rabbits (may05-aug05) During the summer of 2005 I organized the opportunity to direct a music video for Canadian rock musician, Matthew Good. Myself and seven extremely talented friends conceptualized the video and saw it through to completion. I can honestly say that I learned more during this production than I ever have, before or since. It couldn't have been done without the the amazing team I was working with. If you're interested in seeing a high quality version, the video is featured on Matt's best of DVD entitled "In a Coma". Check it out!