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Hello & welcome to my glowing little pocket of the internet. This space serves as an exhibition of my personal work - imaginings, dreams, captured moments, digital ghosts, beautiful dust. My hope is that the imagery, words & feelings you experience here linger in your periphery, only to resurface in some quiet place at some quiet time.

My professional career has largely been spent working in the animation industry. Most recently, I directed the film SPACE BETWEEN STARS, which I created at Guru Studio. Previous to that. I have worked for over ten years as an art director and designer across hundreds of episodes of television on a variety of different series which I am quite thankful to have been a part of.

If you’re interested in collaborating, I’m open to visual and narrative development work. If you have something upcoming that you think I might be suited for or excited about, please don’t be shy to get in touch. I look forward to opportunities that allow me to continue growing creatively, as well as realizing my own artistic ambitions.

Aside from making art, my heart is split between other pursuits - travelling the world with people dear to me, baking delicious food, collecting skulls, getting lost inside novels & video games, and befriending dogs wherever and whenever possible. I live and work in one of my favourite cities in the world, Toronto.

Samuel W Bradley // 2018