dreamylabs // sambradley // abysmalred

This website serves as an exhibition of my personal art - imaginings, dreams, studies, images created to capture time. 

Most of the paintings featured here were created digitally. I find a unique appeal in fully embracing a digital aesthetic, informed by traditional technique. Hopefully you find something evocative between the pixels and vectors - the same magic found between traditional brush strokes every so often.

The figurative works were all drawn from life. Drawing from the model serves as a meditation on image making & guides me to creative clarity. It's a time where I'm able to focus on exploration rather than results. Hopefully that curiosity reveals itself.

My professional career has largely been spent working in the animation industry. I recently finished art directing the Netflix Original series Justin Time GO, with Guru Studio. Currently I'm working full time to direct a new & original short film project. 

I'm looking forward to more opportunities that allow me to continue exploring & realizing my own creative pursuits.

I live and work in one of my favourite cities in the world, Toronto.